From the moment of our birth, death—a mystery still—becomes a fact of life.

In 1984, Jenny witnessed the death of her three-year-old daughter, Elin Mair.

Awakening – The Inevitable Door is written in conversation with her daughter, revealing her dying process, her birth and her conception which had its beginnings in another dimension.

The author first received from this dimension, now known to her as the Realms of Light, during her daughter’s hospital stay.

This book also reveals:

How communication with Elin Mair and the Realms of Light, which includes the Angels, occurs.

Communications from Elin Mair’s departed birth family and why.

The connection between mankind and other forms of life, including the planet Earth, has a relationship with other dimensions.

Why and how love expressed through the heart is the most powerful energy of transformation there is, which we can use for good.